Why Choose WeCloud?



Nearly two decades of experience in the IT industry.

Secure Servers

Servers are based on a secure farm with fibre internet and battery and generator back-up systems.

Three Tier Back Up's

We use a three-tier backup system to ensure that none of your data is lost.

Anti Virus Protection

The best anti-virus software is implemented to prevent ransomware attacks.


Our clouds are accessible from a range of devices and are compatible with almost all operating systems.



Our cloud servers contain the well-known Microsoft Office 2013 Home & Business, which includes Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, OneNote & Outlook.


Work from Anywhere

No matter where you are in the world, you’ll be able to access your cloud and all the files and software that is stored on it. All you need is a standard internet connection. Your cloud is accessible from any device- even a cell phone! This gives your employees the opportunity to work remotely if necessary, or even on their daily commute. A study showed that 42% of employees would readily agree to a decrease as much as 6% in their salary for the ability to telecommute instead of coming into the office.



Using the cloud eliminates the cost of hardware. There is minimal start-up cost for cloud services, and after that, there is a subscription cost which especially customised for your specific business needs. If you decide to downsize your business and cloud services, the price will automatically decrease too.



While losing a laptop to theft or damage can be costly, it is even more costly if you don’t have your files and data backed up. Cloud computing allows you to access all of your important info from a new device. And the best thing is that files on the cloud are incrementally backed up- meaning that your work is automatically saved every few hours.


Collaboration Opportunities

Our cloud-based services offer you facilities that make collaborating with co-workers far easier. There are file sharing and workflow apps that allow for effective project coordination. These applications are updated in real time so that all participants can be kept in the loop, even if they are working remotely.



Cloud computing has many advantages for you and your business, but it goes further than that. It also bears good news for the environment. Compared to traditional data storage services, the cloud leaves a remarkably smaller carbon footprint. As the size of your cloud requirements change, the server capacity fluctuates to fit. Thus not using any unnecessary energy. This is an important aspect for us at WeCloud and we look forward to helping your business along a more sustainable path through cloud commuting.


Automatic Software Updates

Updating software can be boring and tedious, and most people often forget to do it. But with cloud computing at WeCloud, software updates on the cloud are executed automatically by our IT services team. Without having to spend valuable time and energy on updating software and security, you’ll have more free time to focus on your business.

According to Forbes, 74% of CFOs predicted that cloud computing would have the most calculable impact on their business last year.


Software & Document Control

With many employees collaborating on documents at any given time, it is imperative to keep a tight handle on document control. Without the cloud, colleagues need to send emails back and forth which can end up becoming messy and confusing, with certain information getting lost in the process. The cloud offers a nifty solution to this problem as projects can be categorically organised with real time updates and streamlined outcomes.



No matter what size your business is, it’s important to stay ahead of the game- and the cloud can offer you that competitive edge. It gives smaller businesses the opportunity to punch above their weight by harnessing cutting-edge technology and time-saving through the cloud. According to Forbes, 74% of CFOs predicted that cloud computing would have the most calculable impact on their business last year.



Our cloud-based services allow companies to scale up and down with ease. There are none of the growing pains you would experience when dealing with hardware and traditional data storage and file-sharing methods. Our IT technical support team is always at hand to guide you through making necessary changes to your cloud.


Disaster Control

Disaster can strike at any moment and you should be fully prepared. But disaster-preventative measures can often be costly and even unaffordable for smaller businesses. The cloud offers a cost-effective solution for backing up all your important info, with it being saved on the server every few hours. Using the cloud offers you third-party expertise when it comes to disaster control that involves minimal upfront payment.

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