Don’t worry about losing your data ever again!


Flexible features that make data loss protection easy

Easy-to-use, automatic data loss protection, and recovery

Continuous Protection

CrashPlan® for Small Business will protect your files continuously or you can configure a custom schedule that fits your work day. Files are verified for accuracy to avoid corruption or loss.

Smart Protection

The file you’re working on right now is the one most in need of protection, so CrashPlan takes care of it, and makes it easy to go back in time to a precise version of a file or folder.

Flexible Scheduling

Flexible scheduling allows you to customize your file protection schedule for certain files. Handpick and prioritize what files go where, and how often.

Military-grade security and compliance

Your data is protected with industry best practices. You can also easily find and retrieve every version of all your protected files


Data encryption

We protect your files using the same encryption we offer our Enterprise customers. Before any data is sent to your backup destinations, it’s 256-bit AES encrypted to keep it safe even before it leaves your computer.

Ransomware recovery

Don’t lose your files to hackers, malware, or ransomware. Restore your files to the latest versions without paying a ransom for them.

HIPAA compliance

CrashPlan for Small Business’ default AES-256 encryption, combined with coordinating with our Customer Champions to obtain a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) allows our customers the same opportunity to maintain HIPAA compliance that enterprise customers enjoy.

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