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High-Performance Cloud Computing

Our servers offer a 3-tier encrypted backup system, so your data is always 100% safe and secure.


Ransomware Protection

Security is key alongside Backups. Which is why our Servers are set up with the best Anti-Virus protection in the world and Systems to prevent ransomware from happening.

3 Tier Backup

All of our Servers have 3 different types of Backups. We do not want your Data to go missing, so we have put a lot of emphasis on making sure Client Data is Secure and Accessible.

World Wide Access

You and your employees can have access to all your company files, emails and documents from anywhere in the world with just an internet connection and a click of a button.

Our Features

Our Servers run off a 100Mbps Fibre Internet line with Battery and Generator Backup. Thus making sure your system is up and running 24/7/365 by Monitoring our Servers Hardware and replacing Hardware when needed.

About Us

At Wecloud we provide you with High-performance hosting. Optimising cloud computing to change the way you do business, from start-up to enterprise level. Our servers offer a 3-tier encrypted backup system, so your data is always 100% safe and secure, they are constantly being monitored for any faults or errors. Our customer support team are available 24/7/365 should you need any assistance. Our Servers are completely scalable, giving you the flexibility to start off small & upgrade as your business grows.

What Is The Cloud?

In SIMPLE terms, “Cloud Computing” is a Computer/Server you as the client can access and use as a local computer. This means that the Cloud Computer would be running a Windows Server Operating System that will allow you to RDP (Remote Desktop) into the machine and use it as a normal Wwindows machine.

Our Clients

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