The Top Benefits Of Cloud Computing – VPN vs Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has taken the world of business by storm, as it’s offered business owners the innovative opportunity to store their data online instead of on-premises, as well as a range of streamlined applications that aid in making projects more cohesive.

In this article we’ll be discussing some of the many benefits of cloud computing, as well as looking at VPN vs cloud computing and observing some of the advantages that cloud computing has over VPN.

Cloud Computing Benefit #1 Affordability

While there is a price tag involved in the initial switch over to cloud computing, as well as monthly service fees to the cloud computing company of your choice, in the long run cloud computing works out to be very affordable especially when you examine all of the benefits of cloud computing.

Most cloud computing services are scalable, flexible and pay-as-you-go. This means that you’ll never end up paying for unused services, and in months in which your business is quieter, you’ll pay less. This makes cloud computing services an affordable option for most businesses.

Benefit #2 Security

Many business owners worry about online security threats such as cybercriminals and data breaches when it comes to storing data online. But cloud computing services are very much aware of all of these threats and do everything in their power to set up security against them.

When choosing a reliable cloud computing service, you can rest assured that your data will be backed up, and encryption, firewalls and other security measures will be put in place to protect your data and sensitive information from cyber threats. As long as you keep your passwords a secret, there should be very minimal risk of your business experiencing any data breaches or security threats.

Benefit #3 Mobility

Cloud Computing keeps up with the modern day and age by offering mobility of its services.These days almost everyone has a smart phone and data and applications offered by cloud computing can be accessed via smartphones, and pretty much any device so long as you are connected to the internet.

Now team members can work from home if they need to, as their accessibility to the network is not tethered to one device as it would be with services such as VPNs.

Benefit #4 Insight And Analytics

Looking to improve your business? The data and productivity stored in cloud computing can be processed and analysed in order to bring you new insights that can elevate the way that your business does things if acted upon correctly.

Many professional cloud computing services offer integrated cloud analytic services that track your data, looking for loopholes and special kernels of information. Increase your efficiencies and build new action plans using the insight provided by cloud computing!

This is also another way in which the benefits of cloud computing can save your business money in the long run.

Benefit #5 Quality Control

There is nothing worse than poor quality control, inconsistencies and missing data when it comes to business organisation. The benefits of cloud computing is all of your documents can be stored in one place, with the right team members having access to relevant data. This allows you to maintain consistency, fill in any gaps if needed and avoid human error which can lead to confusion and inefficiencies.

Traditional methods of data storage and processing often can’t provide the quality control that you need to ensure that your business is running optimally.

Benefit #6 Disaster Recovery

Traditional data storage methods are at constant risk. Hardware can be stolen, paper documents can be burnt. Could there be anything more disastrous than losing years’ worth of data and productivity in an instant? For many business owners, this is a description of their worst nightmare.

While many people focus on the point that server failure is a possibility when it comes to cloud computing, what many people don’t realise is that most cloud computing services will have your data instantly backed up in at least 3 other places, making it virtually impossible to lose your data.

Benefit #7 Sustainability

In this modern day and age we have a responsibility towards our planet to be as sustainable as possible. If you are still processing data and information in paper format, where cloud and online storage is available, you are truly being more wasteful than necessary. There is also the discussion of unnecessary tech waste, where multitudes of hard drives are used to store data.

Cloud computing is a sustainable alternative. It may seem like a strange benefit to mention, but sustainability should be at the heart of every modern business!

VPN Vs Cloud Computing: What Are The Benefits Of Cloud Computing Over VPN?

VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) came years before the cloud and, at one point in time, were the only way in which you could create a secure connection between two devices. They work by setting up VPN software on your device, and then allowing other devices to connect to your device by providing the users with certain credentials.

The most common reason for people preferring cloud computing over VPN is the fact that cloud computing is easier to use, faster and more flexible. Cloud computing allows you to access data from any device, should you have your password and have access to the internet, where VPNs are very device dependent. This can be tricky if your phone dies or your laptop crashes and result in a lot of unnecessary downtime.

VPNs are now, for the most part, considered outdated. While they do offer specific uses, cloud computing offers so many more applications and benefits.

There is much to discuss when it comes to VPN vs cloud computing, and that’s why we have dedicated an entire article to it, which you can read on our blog. Interested in the benefits that cloud computing provides? Contact us today to talk about your business’s cloud computing needs.

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